Critical perspectives on creative cities through cultural industries research and human geography


Silvie Jacobi

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Arts and culture - once minor concerns for urban development compared to crime, education or transportation - now provide a new grammar for policies. While artists contribute to urban economic vitality of a neighbourhood or city through their artistic output, it is their aesthetic and cultural capital that is exploited at the expense of artist's survival. My research aims to uncover the spatiality of the art world and artist's practices in close reading with the politics between art and space. I am interested in illustrating how artistic and cultural activity concentrates in specific cities, and how this can be nurtured through "home-growing" artists in art schools.


Selected projects

Art Schools and their role in developing art scenes, PhD Research at King's College London with Humboldt University Berlin (2015 to date)

Painting and the Regional, Literature review for Manchester School of Art, Manchaster Metropolitan University (2016)

Developing London School of Mosaic (2015 to date)

Kultur | Standort.Bestimmung conference,  Leipzig + Kultur e.V.  (2015)

"Beyond the Campus" research initiative, King's College London with Dr. Roberta Comunian (2014)

Leipzig's visual artists as actors of urban change, MSc Thesis at King's College London (2013 – 2014)


Image: Tate Modern London under construction by metrocentric