Research and development for an accredited degree programme in Mosaic Practice based on the 15 year legacy of Southbank Mosaics

2015 ongoing

I have worked with Southbank Mosaics since 2007 as a volunteer making mosaics for the public realm together with the local community. Currently I work on their long-term vision to open up the London School of Mosaic, which will internalise the legacy of Southbank Mosaics into teaching the UK's first accredited degree in Mosaic Studies. We have more than 200 installations in public space. Our social impact builds on supporting people at risk of marginalisation involving them in place making through our heritage-themed commissions. Our degree programme will reflect these experiences. Besides mosaic making and theory, we will emphasise on mosaic as socially-engaged art and develop student's sense for social entrepreneurship.

I have an advisory as well as executive role in developing the school through:

  • developing partnerships with academic institutions for accreditation

  • writing the degree programme with expert academics as well as mosaic practitioners

  • writing and executing a marketing strategy

  • advising on aspects of regeneration of the site of the school

London School of Mosaic