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Leipzig + Kultur e.V.

conference organisation, consultant, Editor

With the aim to increase much needed public funding for Leipzig's independent cultural producers (Freie Szene), we have organised a cultural congress and conference where new cultural policy needs could be debated. Only 5% of the cultural budget is accessible to Freie Szene actors while big cultural institutions have a large proportion of funding guaranteed. While the city's culture office has not shown much interest in this debate, the project was an urgent call for policy makers to rethink Leipzig's assets and cultural innovation potential.

The first output of this project was an international cultural policy conference, which provided a platform for discussion between policy makers/politicians, cultural producers and academic experts. The documentation of this has fed into an interactive online publications, which serves as a manifest of the needs of cultural producers in Leipzig. The project has lead to a set of policy recommendations for Freie Szene to be integrated into cultural policy making.