• Southbank Mosaics (map)
  • 73 Waterloo Road, St. John's Crypt
  • SE1 8UD London
  • United Kingdom

10 weeks starting Wed 15th April 2015

Southbank Mosaics community enterprise is offering a new season of mosaic master classes for beginners and experienced mosaicists, which I am leading. Situated at the heart of London, the studio is an open and welcoming place with more than 10 years experience in making mosaic for the public realm and serving the local community.

This course will run for 10 weeks starting on Wednesday the 15st April 2015, 6.30pm to 8:30pm, at Southbank Mosaics studio. It will focus on obtaining portraiture skills, with specific emphasis on translating mosaic techniques into critical aesthetics of representation, abstraction and colour studies.

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